Institute and Consulting for

body language with psychological rhetoric 

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The common used communication strategies are based on decades-old studies. Man has evolved, but the evolution of communication remained standing. Our institute for body language and influential skills researched the most effective contemporary communication techniques, which can increase the sales and communication goal. For this purpose we collected the world’s most important research findings and how a human thinks nowadays.

Here is one of the interesting research results: The human has become “immune” to classical rhetoric. He is only convinced by 20 % of words compared to 80 % of body language techniques. (These results are not publically accessible to everyone)

Field testing showed outstanding results: Equipped with our research results, managers and their executives were able to identify the hidden language of facial expressions and gestures and professionally apply these body language techniques. Thus they were able to sell their ideas, projects and products 4X more successful than the competitors without this knowledge. By using these techniques in negotiations or lectures, clients and audiences conceived them as more fascinating, motivating and even more skilled and charismatic. (US Presidents frequently use this secret knowledge in campaigns)